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Early Years​



Our Nursery and Reception classes are special places where we believe that our children deserve the best possible start to begin their journey at Beaconfields. Our Early Years aspires to be excellent. We believe that early childhood should provide happiness, limitless curiosity and a hunger for learning. We strive to ensure that at the end of each day all children leave knowing more and being able to do more.

We view development holistically so our high-quality Early Years curriculum is tangible and theme-based; providing our pupils with knowledge, self-belief and cultural capital to ensure they are ‘school ready’ when they leave the Early Years. At Beaconfields, our belief is that communication is a fundamental life skill so we provide rich opportunities to develop this. We are advocates of risk taking and teach our children to fully embrace challenge, make mistakes and encourage them to persevere; they are capable of anything they set out to do. We believe that our curriculum supports our children’s well-being and emotional intelligence.

Our children, at Beaconfields, focus on their journey and not the finish line. They are encouraged and empowered to take control and make a difference. They demonstrate behaviours and habits that enable them to be the best that they can be within an environment that praises hard work, growth, success and determination. There is a strong culture of collaboration where accepting, valuing and respecting each other is a given.

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