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Beaconfields Primary and Nursery School will;

Foster children that are:

  • Hardworking and have high expectations and aspirations of themselves and each other in all aspects of school life
  • Are known, understood, valued and cared for as individuals
  • Are supported and encouraged to build emotional resilience to be happy and confident in what they do
  • Expect and value integrity where people will be safe to speak up for what they believe and know their voice will be heard
  • Develop a keen sense of what is right and wrong and seek to tackle injustice wherever we find it, whilst ensuring we are tolerant of different views
  • Develop their interests and capabilities in sport, in the arts, in drama, music and community affairs, so that they become well rounded people and global citizens
  • Will have opportunities to take responsibility for their own learning and develop independent thought

In an environment that:

  • Promotes high quality teaching and learning
  • Delivers a curriculum that encourages curiosity, creativity and inventiveness
  • Develops inquiring minds and a thirst for knowledge
  • Facilitates high quality professional development so that teaching is excellent
  • Has inclusive nurture and well being support for all
  • Has an inclusive approach for all
  • Has high quality school leadership and
  • Provides collaboration, support and challenge
  • Ensures strong safeguarding procedures and practice
  • Ensures that everyone is valued and has a place and a role to play
  • Provide a hub for learning and community cohesion
  • Supports environmental sustainability
BeaconfieldsPrimary School
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01785 785699 Beaconfields Primary Schooloffice@beaconfields.academyRamson Avenue, Stafford, Staffordshire ST16 1ZY
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