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Headteacher Welcome and Vision Statement

Executive Headteacher Welcome

On behalf of the school and the trust, I would like to offer you a warm welcome to Beaconfields Primary and Nursery School.

I am delighted to be the Executive headteacher of our brand new, exciting venture, the tenth school to join The Creative Learning Partnership Trust. Beaconfields will offer excellence in education for children on the north side of Stafford. Beaconfields will equip your children with excellent education, important life skills, lifelong friendships and a Beaconfields family for life. I look forward to meeting you and your children at the most important stage of their educational journey.

The Creative Learning Partnership Trust is delighted to be building on embedded success across its trust schools. It will draw on the expertise of their educational leaders to provide a bespoke curriculum which will serve the unique community of Beaconfields Primary and Nursery School.

Beaconfields Primary and Nursery School will;

Create Champions that are:

  • Hardworking and have high expectations and aspirations of themselves and each other in all aspects of school life.
  • Are known, understood, valued and cared for as individuals.
  • Are supported and encouraged to build emotional resilience to be happy and confident in what they do.
  • Expect and value integrity, where people will be safe to speak up for what they believe and know their voice will be heard.
  • Develop a keen sense of what is right and wrong and seek to tackle injustice wherever we find it, whilst ensuring we are tolerant of different views.
  • Develop their interests and capabilities in sport, in the arts, in drama, music and community affairs, so that they become well-rounded people and global citizens.
  • Have the opportunities to take responsibility for their own learning and develop independent thought, in order to take on different and challenging roles across our Trust.
  •  Will be unafraid to use the power of creativity and imagination to take risks in the pursuit of excellence.

In an environment that:

  • Promotes high quality teaching and learning
  • Delivers a curriculum that encourages curiosity, creativity and inventiveness, enabling
  • Develops enquiring minds and a thirst for knowledge. 
  • Facilitates high quality professional development so that teaching is excellent
  • Has inclusive nurture and wellbeing support for all
  • Has an inclusive approach for all
  • Has high quality school leadership and governance
  • Provides collaboration, support and challenge
  • Ensures strong safeguarding procedures and practice
  • Ensures that everyone is valued and has a place and a role to play
  • Provide a hub for learning and community cohesion 
  • Supports environmental sustainability

We look forward to embarking on this exciting adventure with you. 

Mrs R Bell

BeaconfieldsPrimary School
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